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Using the Tangle Pattern, Yuma

A Belated Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian Tanglers and Happy Birthday to sweet little Artoo.

The Diva Challenge for this week is a UMT (Use My Tangle) challenge, which Laura Harms offers the first week of each month.  Using a random generator Laura chooses a tangle from a list of patterns submitted by their creators.  The tangle for this month is:  Yuma by Tina-AUKA.

I found this tangle to be quite challenging and looked at the step-outs over and over to wrap my head around how to proceed. I’m not convinced that I have the steps down pat yet.  I also struggled with how to shade it.  My version lacks the flow of the tangle on Tina’s tile so I will practice it more until I can do it with ease.

Tangle used: Yuma Colored with Prismacolor pencil.

Tangle used: Yuma
Colored with Prismacolor pencil.

I decided to use Yuma as a monotangle on a Bijou tile and to color the “seeds.”  While this is not my favorite tile it gave me a place to start.  Thank you Laura and Tina for this challenge.  Now I will go to the Diva Challenge  to see how other people met this challenge.  I encourage you to view them too.

When you go to the site you can link to Tina’s step-outs for this pattern and also read about Laura’s first time hosting the Thanksgiving dinner.  It brought back memories of the first time I hosted Thanksgiving dinner for my family.  It is a wonder that I ever hosted the holidays again…

It was 1968.  I was a newlywed and everyone was coming to our apartment for the first time.  I decided that in addition to roasting the turkey I would bake some pies.  It was the day before Thanksgiving and I had worked the whole day. When I got home I realized that I didn’t have everything I needed to make the pies so I went to the grocery store. The clerk rang up all of the groceries and realized that in my haste I left my wallet home.  So I went home, got my money, returned to the store, and then back home with my ingredients.  I then realized that I only had one metal pie plate.  So I went to Woolworth’s and all they had left were 10″ glass pie plates.  I bought four of them.  I got home and put them on the kitchen table.  I bumped the table and they fell to the floor.  Three of them broke.  So now I’m down to two pie plates so I decide to make my husband’s favorite pie – a blueberry pie and a pecan pie.  I made the blueberry pie first.  I put it in the small, inefficient, apartment sized oven.  While the blueberry pie was cooking I prepared the pecan pie in the metal pie plate.  It took forever for the blueberry pie to cook.  By now it is close to midnight and I’m exhausted and still needed to cook the pecan pie.  So I took the blueberry pie out of the oven and put it on the stove.  I then put the pecan pie in the oven and went into the living room to sit down after what had felt like hours of standing.  The next thing I know… I heard a “gun shot.”  I went into the kitchen to see what happened.  It wasn’t a “gun shot.”  I had set the glass pie plate on a stove burner that, unfortunately, was still on and the blueberry pie had exploded.  I had blueberry pie all over the kitchen!!!!!!!  What a mess! I just sat down and cried.

That Thanksgiving we had the best pecan pie ever  –  even if the slices were really, really small! (And I never baked another blueberry pie!)  Oh…and Thanksgiving was a wonderful day full of gratitude for many things and I did host holiday meals for many years after that.

I would be delighted if you left me a comment.  And, a huge thank all who have left comments in the past.  I really appreciate them.

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