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Happy St. Valentine’s Day Tanglers! This week’s Diva Challenge is titled “Valentangle. Laura wrote,

“This week’s challenge is pretty straight forward: To create a valentine’s themed tile or card, and as an added bonus – give it away to someone you love!  Your spouse, your child, your cat, your mailman, anyone!  Who doesn’t love handmaid cards?”

Here is my Valentangle heart (I wish scanners could pick up the sparkle of the gel pen):

Tangles: Orb Pods, N’Zeppel, Andante, and   Knot Rickz
Color: Red Prismacolor pencils and a gold gel pen

Along with receiving handmade cards I love to create them for people who I know appreciate handmade cards and gifts.  I am so fortunate to come from a family where many gifts were (and continue to be) handmade and beautiful so my immediate family knows the love that each card contains.

I have a hard time creating the “right” color red although I have blended various Prismacolor pencils trying to achieve it.  This one is a little too pink for my taste. I have a certain shade of red nestled in my brain and haven’t found the right combination of pencils to recreate it.  Friends and other CZTs have given me suggestions to try to get to it, but somehow it just hasn’t happened. Maybe I’ll have it figured out by next Valentine’s day. 🙂

Be sure to check out Laura’s Diva blog  to see how others have responded to the challenge.  I hope that you find these tiles as inspiring and educational as I do.  Looking at other’s contributions may give me more Valentine ideas. 🙂 I always wait until my tile is done before I look so I’m not influenced by other’s designs and I always publish the first tile I create to answer the challenge.  Sometimes I publish my second or third tile. 🙂

As always, I am grateful for all of your comments, which are a continuing source of encouragement and support.

There are times when I would like to leave a comment about someone’s tile but find that I am not able to do so because I don’t have any of the accounts required to respond.  Sorry!  I hope you know that I appreciate your tiles too!

Until next time,
Sending smiles,

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Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT

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