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Paradox as a Monotangle and An Announcement…

This week’s Diva Challenge is to use the tangle Paradox as a monotangle. “Monotangle” is a word coined by the Diva, Laura Harms, meaning just one tangle and/or its tangleations.

When I do monotangles I like to do them on Bijou tiles. I often use Bijou tiles for tangles that are new to me too. It lets me focus on just that tangle without having to think about which tangles to add to the tile that will compliment the new tangle. In this chsllenge that isn’t n issue because it is a monotangle so there is only one tangle on the tile (although you can also use tangleations of the tangle).

Like Laura, I always show the first tile that I create for the Diva Challenges whether I like the tile or not. And I do not look at the other tiles submitted to the challenge until after I post my blog.  I don’t want to be influenced by what others have done.

This is my first tile:

Tangle: Paradox
Color: Prismacolor Pencils

It shows how I rounded the ends to create a finished end. It is okay, but I had viewed Laura’s video and I really liked the way she did her Paradox.  I was aware that she did the “rounding” at the end of each stroke rather than waiting until all of the strokes were completed and then rounding the ends.

When I watched the video this time I noticed that Laura curves her lines ever so slightly. So I tried it again and I like this version a lot better — it looks a lot cleaner to me.

Here is my second tile:

Tangle: Paradox
Color: Prismacolor Pencils

Be sure to check out Laura’s blog  to see how others have responded to this week’s challenge.  I hope that you find these tiles as inspiring and educational as I do.  I always learn something from those who post their tiles.


My Exciting Announcement…

Some of you may have seen my announcement on the Square One Zentangle BaZarr Facebook page or CZT Facebook pages. For those who have not seen it, here it is!

I just published my book, “Tips for Tangling” and it is available on

It includes a foreword written by CZT Cris Letourneau and positive reviews by five CZTs – Kelly Barone, Donna Cyr, Tracy Lake, Char-Lynn Reithmeier, and Brenda Shaver.

The tips are designed so that readers can take their knowledge of tangling and add to it. It is ideal for beginning tanglers, for those who has been tangling for awhile, for experienced tanglers and CZTs.

The book starts with suggestions of things to do before you pick up your pen and ends with a story about how I found appreciation in an unexpected way that taught me that beginners create art that is worthy and to be appreciated.

The back cover explains that this book offers ways to:

  • Get into the “Zen” of Zentangle
  • Prepare before you even pick up your pencil
  • Use what you already know to explore and expand that knowledge
  • Get your hand into a comfortable position to create
  • Consciously create the Zentangle Art elements
  • Play
  • Appreciate who you are and what you create
  • and more…

If you are willing, I would appreciate it if you would help me spread the word about this book by sharing this announcement with those you know who tangle.

Until next time,
With gratitude and appreciation,:)

Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT
Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT

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