A Fall Leaf….

The theme for this week’s Diva Challenge is “Birthday Leaves.” Artoo, the son of the Diva, Laura Harms, is celebrating his fifth birthday.  So sweet!  You can go to her site and read all about his birthday party.

For this challenge she asked those who live where it is autumn to “find inspiration from the fall colours, the leaves, the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet, maybe the frost on the branches” and for those who live where it is spring to be inspired “by the bright green buds or the new blossoms.

I used a leaf to “stamp” a watercolor image of the leaf.  I colored the leaf with Derwent Inktense pencils with the tip moistened with water.  Then I “stamped” the leaf on dampened paper.  Unfortunately, I didn’t scan the image before I tangled it – Sorry!

Here is my tile…

Tangles: Flux, Antidots, N’Zepple, B’Tweed, Cubine, Emingle, Printempts, Shattuck, Clusters, and Baton Colored with washes of Inktense watercolor pencils.

Tangles: Flux, Antidots, N’Zepple, B’Tweed, Cubine, Emingle, Printempts, Shattuck, Clusters, and Baton
Colored with washes of Inktense watercolor pencils.

Looking at the tile, I want to add just a little bit more color, with colored pencil, the Intense pencils, or  H2O paints or somehow enhance the background.  Because it is already Thursday and I don’t know when I will get to revisit the tile, I thought I better post this one now before I will miss posting a blog for yet another Diva Challenge.

Now that my tile has been posted I want to see what others created in response to the challenge.  I hope you will take time to  view the tiles at the Diva Challenge blog and find these tiles as inspiring and educational as I do.

There are times that I would like to leave a comment about someone’s tile but find that I am not able to do that.  The only option that I can use is the  name/URL option.  I do not fit into the other categories.  Sorry!  I hope you know that I appreciate your tiles too!

As always, I am so grateful to all who leave me comments and if you leave a comment I will leave a response. Fair enough?  🙂   Your comments are a great source of encouragement and support.  To those who left comments last time, a huge THANK YOU!

Until next time,
Sending smiles,

10 Responses to A Fall Leaf….

  • I really like the subtle color on your tile this week.

  • I used fake leaves as a template. Your idea is much more clever and “real”—-and so is your composition. Very nice.

    • Thanks Suzanne. I couldn’t find a leaf stencil and never thought to use a fake leaf. I wish I could take credit for the leaf stamp, but I got the idea from CZT Cherryl Moot. It is fun to do. If you have Tombows, you can use those instead of the watercolor pencils. I don’t have Tombow pens – yet. 🙂

  • Beautiful tile! I like it a lot. Seems we had a similar basic idea to meet this week’s diva challenge, but the results are still quite different. I like it how you let the tangle patterns melt into each other so softly, that looks better and more organic than the straight lines I put between my patterns.

    • Thanks Sigrid for your comments and I am happy that you liked the tile. I hope it is inspiration for you to do another leaf, if you desire to do that, and add tangles. Once you start adding tangles it is really fun! 🙂

  • I love this tile a lot. The soft coloring is very beautiful and how you came to this result in so original.

    • Hi Annmarie, thank you for your comments. I wish I could take credit for the leaf printing, but it was Cherryl Mootes who taught how to do it. I want to do more but with Tombows. Except I don’t own any yet, so when I save enough to buy them I’ll give it another go. Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂

  • I did! 😉 (entry no. 59 to the diva challenge). But yours is still more elaborated and delicate in the way you let the patterns blend into one another.

    • Sigrid, your tile is beautiful! I really like it tangled. It warms my heart that you tangled your string. Wasn’t it fun? You are much too hard on yourself – you might want to step back and see how wonderful the tile really is. Thank you for letting me know that you did a second tile. My life is crazy busy right now so I have not taken the time to look at many of the submissions. Hopefully, I will have more time in the upcoming weeks and can go back and see the tiles. Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your next tile! 🙂

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