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Using Envelopes To Practice

I had so many tiles I was running out of space to store them while I decided what I wanted to do with them. 

One day I was in a dollar store (where everything cost $1.00) and bought a box of eighty No. 8 small envelopes (2⅜” X 6½”) and used them to practice tangles.  The next time I bought a box of forty No. 10 business-size envelopes (4⅛” X 9½”) to practice.

I use the finished envelopes when I want to mail something, leave a check for my lawn care provider when they mow my lawn or when they plow my driveway, if I am returning information for friends or family, or as a “give away” for family, friends, or tangling students.

Whether I mail the envelope, give them away, or leave them for someone they brighten someone’s day.  How do I know?  The mail carrier, the lawn care people and my family, friends, students have all told me so. Below are a few of my finished envelopes. Most of them are monotangles because I was practicing only one tangle. Enjoy tangling your envelopes and spreading joy!

Small Envelopes:

Tangle: Joki
Tangle: Orb Pods
Tangle: X and Orbs
Tangle: Shilo
Tangle: Ennies
Tangle: Springkle

Business Envelopes:

Tangles: Marasu and Fescu
Tangle: Scallamp
Tangle : Annee
Tangle: Crazy Huggins
Tangle: Orb Pods
Example of a Dingbatz

Happy Tangling!

Thank you to all who viewed my new book, Tips for Tangling, on Amazon. com  🙂  and a huge THANK YOU to those who purchased a copy.
Sending smiles,


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Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT

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