Description of Zentangle Classes

 Zentangle® Basics

Looking for a way to unwind from stress, focus your thoughts, or explore your creative side?

In this class, you learn the basics of  Zentangle’s creative and relaxing method of art.  By using this method, easy-to-learn repetitive patterns (called tangles), and deliberate pen strokes, you create an abstract piece of art while entering into a relaxed and focused meditative state.  Zentangle has the potential to deliver artistic satisfaction and an increased sense of personal well-being. 

Attendees receive a “Mini-kit” of all the art materials needed for this class so that after you complete the class you can continue to experience all the ways that Zentangle may positively change your life.

Zentangle® Beyond the Basics

This class builds on the information learned in the  Zentangle Basics class. Zentangle Beyond the Basics expands your pattern library while exploring techniques that allow you to push your creativity to new heights. Some of the topics covered include modifying and enhancing patterns, using techniques to give your work dimension and balance. It introduces the three tangles needed for those who want to go on and take the Four Class Series. Prerequisite: Zentangle® Basics or instructor approval. Each Zentangle Beyond the Basics class is different, allowing participants to attend as many as they desire.
Please bring your “Mini-kit” from Zentangle Basics or purchase the basic materials at the class.  All other materials will be provided.

Tangles and Chocolate 

For those who have taken a Zentangle Basic classes, join me for some hot chocolate (or feel free to bring your own beverage), relaxing music, and plenty of time to tangle your worries away.  Although this is not a class, I am willing to work with you with tangles that present a challenge to you.  Please bring your basic kits, anything that you are working on and any tiles you would like to show us.

Please bring your “Mini-kit” from Zentangle Basics. The official Zentangle 3 1/2″ white tiles and 01 Micron pens will be available for purchase.

Four Class Series –  From Shades in Gray to Colored Gems

These four classes build on each other and need to be taken in order.

Please bring your “mini-kit” to each class.

Class 1 – Shading 101

Prerequisite: Zentangle® Basics and Zentangle Beyond the Basics.

This class introduces the building blocks for the four classes.
Many tanglers see shading as a mystery or intimidating. In this class we

  • explore the amazing effect you can get just using a pencil,
  • play with the color theory of shading
  • try different techniques to achieve shading
  • add shading in different ways to three different tangles

Class 214 Shades of Gray

Explore a wonderful shading technique to add more drama to your tiles.

We will discuss the supplies that will be used for the next class so everyone is prepared to proceed with ease.

More Shades of Gray tile sized for website

Class 3 – Color Theory and Using Colored Pencils

This class covers color theory and colored pencil techniques. Using colored pencils is more than just coloring.  Building on the techniques learned in the Shading classes, we translate them into using colored pencils.

Tile before adding color

Tile after adding color

Tile after adding color

Color 4 – Creating Gems Using Colored Pencils and Tangling

This is the last class of the series and brings together all of the techniques presented in the other classes to create beautiful gems.

My Green Gem to send to Cari

Other options for taking classes…

In-Home Classes for Friends and Family

Bring the class to you. What a great way to learn the amazing art of Zentangle – right in the comfort of your own home. Invite your friends and enjoy an afternoon or evening with good food, beverages, and friends. You will be amazed at the art you can create in this 2- 3 hour customized class.

Contact me for more information and pricing.

Workshops/Company Events

Bring Zentangle to your organization. Do you belong to a crafting group?  Are you organizing a retreat? Have a company event coming up? Why not bring zentangle to your group or organization. All the benefits of increased focus, relaxation, and team-building while bringing out the artist in everyone make Zentangle® the perfect gift to give those in your organization.

Contact me for more information and pricing.

Gift Certificates – Something for everyone!

Gift Certificates are available in any amount and may be used toward a class, classes, or materials.  Go to Gift Certificates  or the Gift Certificate tab for more information.

Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT
Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT

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