Orb Pods – A New Tangle

Do you like to draw orbs?  This tangle evolved from a love for drawing orbs and tangles with orbs, such as Tipple.

I have a sketch book where I experiment and play.  In the process of playing with orbs, I drew one Orb Pod and then wondered what it would look like with more pods attached, which allowed it to grow organically.  And then I played with putting it into a grid – grid patterns are my favorite.  Inspired by the book Pattern Play, by Cris Letourneau and Sonya Yencer, I  experimented with tangleations.

To use this tangle organically, add as few or as many pods as you desire.  If girds are more to your liking,  play with different backgrounds and the directions of each pod; you can have the pods going all the same direction; or have them going in one direction in one row and the opposite direction in the next row.  You can make it into a border or in a circle.  You can put the pods in triangles and added the “N’Zeppel bubble” in the middle.

While shading really makes this pattern “pop,”  I don’t think that there is a “right” way to shade it.  Shading the orbs and shading the pods worked for me.

Step outs for Orb Pods:Orb Pods Step-outs

This is a page from my sketch book where I was experimenting with Orb Pods.

Just playing with tangleations for Orb Pods

Just playing with tangleations for Orb Pods

I hope you enjoy this tangle.

(Copyright © 2015 Maureen Stott   All rights reserved.)

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