Straight Lines Reign…

The Diva Challenge this week is to use ONLY straight lines.  Ah, the challenge is with so many options, which tangles to use?

As my mind reviewed the many tangles I could think of that used only straight lines, I wished that I could use them all. I had to choose… Paradox? Trivet?  Arukas?  Avreal?  The list grew longer and longer.  My first decision was to use ING because, even though it is composed of straight lines, it has movement. Next was Weben because I really enjoy shading this tangle, which brings it alive.  Then it became what other tangle/tangles to use to complement these two tangles?  I decided to use Mimi Lampart”s tangle, Miander..another tangle that is fun to shade.

My first thought was to color the tile with red, white and blue in honor of Memorial Day.  However, I have yet to figure out which pencils to combine to get a rich, cherry red.  I keep getting an orangy red, that doesn’t really appeal to me. (If anyone knows which Prismacolor pencils to use to get a cherry red, I’d love to hear from you!)  So I opted for different combination of colors and decided to use the spring colors inspired by my Irises –  purple and green.

Here’s my tile for this week’s challenge:

Tangles: Weben, ING, Miander Colored with Prismacolor Pencils

Tangles: Weben, ING, Miander
Colored with Prismacolor Pencils

Photo of the Iris (taken last year) that inspired the colors in the tile:

Purple Iris from my garden

Purple Iris from my garden

After looking at the above tile, I felt that something was off.  So, using the same tangles I did another tile.  This time, ING is larger and seperated from the other tangles giving, to my eye anyway, more balance between the tangles.  I decided to change it up a bit and used aqua and purple to color the tile.

Here is the second tile:

Diva Challenge May 26 Tile 2

Tangles: Weben, ING, and Miander Colored with Prismacolor Pencils



Time to see how other people have interpreted this challenge and which tangles they chose to accomplish the goal of using only straight lines.  I encourage you to look at the submissions on the Diva Challenge blog.  I wonder what I will learn from this group of tiles?  I always learn something! 🙂

As always, I am so grateful to all who leave me comments and I try to leave a reply to all comments.  Your comments are a great source of encouragement and support.  To those who left comments last week, a huge THANK YOU!

Until next time,
Sending smiles,

12 Responses to Straight Lines Reign…

  • The purple shading on Weben is really nice, in fact, it all works well.

    • Thanks Maggibee! If you haven’t tried this fun tangle I encourage you to do so. When I first used it, it took a bit of playing with it to figure out that the shading is what makes this pattern pop. I couldn’t see the pattern until I shaded it. Have fun! 🙂

  • Your first tile was my favorite—-until I saw your second tile. I am rather fond of the aqua and purple color combination. The purple and green reminds me of an old skirt I have that I think I might be soon retiring. But, this challenge was all about the lines. Meandir and Weben are new tangles for me. You’re right, they are good complements to ING. Nice work!

    • Thank you Suzanne. I liked the first tile until I saw it “in print.” Both Miander and Weben are on They are fun tangles. Glad I could expand your repertoire. I wish I had take a photo of my irises before they faded to go along with the tile. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  • I used Weben this week too and agree…it is nice to shade and really comes alive because of that. ING is a good choice to create movement with lines! Beautiful work!

    • Thank you Lynell. There are really great tangles that use only straight lines. I wonder how many people would be willing to use Weben now that they have seen it in our tiles? I shied away from it when I was new to Zentangle but once I tried it Weben moved into the “Use again” column. 🙂

  • Wow, I love your tiles, especially your colors. Your irises are purple and green? I want to see that! Your second tile’s colors are really my favorite…very nicely executed!

    • Thanks, Cari. Yes, unfortunately, the purple irises have gone by but my yellow irises have bloomed. If I can find it, I have a photo of the purple irises from last year. I’ll post them to the blog. I like the second one better too. In the first it felt like ING was getting lost. Thanks for the comment, and if you go back to the blog on Saturday I’ll have the photo there. 🙂

  • LOVE the colour and your inspiration for it! I liked your first tile, but when I saw the second one, it seemed to be so much more beautiful!

    • Thanks, Sue. The first tile taught me that I need to give tangles breathing room. It just looked crowded to me. I am so glad that you found the second one to be more pleasing to you too. I was going to use the same color scheme and then decided to change it up just a bit. Thank you for commenting. 🙂

  • Oh that combination of purple and turquoise is so lovely. The colors, and the angles and lines of the tile remind me of a pile of gems! so pretty.

    As for a red prisma pencil, I love my crimson red. It’s a rich dark red. Not orangey at all. I wish I knew what combination to use, because I have a set of woodless colored pencils without a true cherry red, and I know that the right combo will do it. But thankfully, crimson red exists as a color of its own in prismacolor. Yay!

    • Thank you HeidiSue, for the comments. I’ll have to think about using purple and turquoise more often. 🙂 And thanks for the comment about the colored pencil. I have tried the crimson red, but it isn’t quite the color I’m looking for. I just need to take more time to experiment to find the color I have in my head. I appreciate your contribution. 🙂

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