The Challenge of the Labyrinth…

This week’s Diva Challenge is to tangle a labyrinth.  Laura, the Diva, writes:

“A labyrinth is not a maze. Mazes are puzzles, designed to vex the mind, but labyrinths are contemplative designs, designed to focus the mind. “

She included links to a website that shows how to create a labyrinth.  She apologized in advance because labyrinths require more planning.

Here is my tile for this week’s challenge:

Tangles: Flux, Black Pearls, Tangleation of Tink Colored with Prisma Colored Pencils and White Gelly Roll pen

Tangles: Flux, Black Pearls, Tangleation of Tink
Colored with Prisma Colored Pencils and White Gelly Roll pen

For me, the first challenge was to create the structure and the second challenge was to decide which tangles to use within and around the structure.  Another challenge was to fit it onto a three and a 1/2 inch square, which didn’t happen.  I cut a four inch square out of mixed media paper and even then it was tight.

I have been ill since the end of March and now that I am feeling much better I hope to be able to contribute weekly again.  Although I was not able to contribute to the weekly Diva Challenges, I was able to view what others had contributed each week and learn from them.

Now that I have submitted my labyrinth tile I am going to Laura’s blog to see how others interpreted the challenge and to see if others were able to fit the labyrinth on a regular tile.  I hope that you will look at the submissions too.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  And as always, I really appreciate your comments.

Until next time,
Sending smiles,

12 Responses to The Challenge of the Labyrinth…

  • Glad you are feeling better! I love how the leaves look winding through the tile 😎

  • A lovely labyrinth on a beautiful (and well chosen) background

    • Thanks Annemarie. The tangleation has become one of my favorite patterns. Thanks for the comment.:)

  • Nice choice of patterns!

  • Maureen, we must be kindred spirits…I used flux on one of my labyrinths as well. I love how bright and clear your path is…mine ended up kinda dark, so I made another attempt with other tangles. So sorry you’ve been sick…it isn’t fun at all to be under the weather. Take care of yourself!

    • I am honored to be your kindred spirit, Lynell. Flux seemed to fit the shape of a labyrinth better than some of the other tangles I thought about using. Going around the corners is tricky, so Flux seemed like a good solution. And thank you for the get well wishes. Each day I feel better. I can’t believe that this cough has lasted six weeks and that my level of energy hasn’t returned completely. Then again, as a senior citizen it just takes longer. 🙂

  • Your labryinth looks like a breath of fresh air with the pop of color in the Flux. Very nicely done and easy on the eyes. Great work!

  • What a pretty tile!

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