Time for a Make-Over….

This week’s Diva Challenge is to take a tile from the past and make it over.

The original tile I chose is from February, 2014. I keep my tiles in a loose leaf binder so I just flipped to one page and chose from the tiles on that page.  In the beginning years I did not use color at all.

Here is my original tile, which was done on an official tile using a Micron, graphite pencil and tortillion.

Tangles used: Zewm, B’tweed, and ‘Nzeppel

This is my make-over tile, which is done using Bristol paper. I was going to color it and then decided that it would be easier for me to compare the two tiles if they were both done with black ink on a white tile. I decided to use Ditto instead of B’Tweed for the middle tangle.

Tangles used: Zewm, Ditto, and ‘Nzeppel

Comparing the two tiles I noticed that I still like simpler string patterns that divide the tile into three or four sections and that I now draw my tangles larger than I did when I was beginning my tangle journey. I wonder what changes will happen in the next four years. Time will tell…. 🙂

Be sure to check out Laura’s blog to see how others have responded to this week’s challenge.  I hope that you find these tiles as inspiring and educational as I do.  I always learn something from those who post their tiles.  Thank you to all of you.  🙂

And thank you to all who viewed my new book, Tips for Tangling,  on Amazon. com  🙂  and a huge THANK YOU to those who purchased a copy.

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4 Responses to Time for a Make-Over….

  • Looking at your work today made me want to try Ditto again. (I have trouble placing the first shapes in relation to each other.) It’s fun looking at how our preferences change, isn’t it?

    • Thank you Maggie. I had trouble when I first did the pattern but once I got it, it became one of my favorites. The first shape goes the opposite of where you expect it to go. I hope you try it again and will love it too. When I look at my book of tiles, I can tell which tangles I was practicing. They appear over and over. 🙂

  • Indeed quite a difference, goo to see isn’t it?

    • Thank you Annemarie! 🙂 Isn’t it comforting to know that there is progress? 🙂

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