Valentangles for Valentine’s Day…

This week’s Diva Challenge is called the “Valentangle”  We are to use a heart as a string, or tangle hearts, or use red, white, or pink on our artwork.

This tile will eventually become a Valentine.  The gold gel pen doesn’t look as shiny as it does on the original tile, but you get the idea.


Tangle: Heartstrings Colored with Prismacolor pencils and a gold gel pen

Tangle: Heartstrings
Colored with Prismacolor pencils and a gold gel pen


And this ATC tile will also become a Valentine.

Tangle: Heartstrings.   Colored with Prismacolor pencils

Tangle: Heartstrings.
Colored with Prismacolor pencils


It seems that Mondays are snow days here in CT.  Today’s storm means that we have had a snowstorm three Mondays in a row.  And now they are saying that we are getting even more on Thursday.  Really???  As much as I love it, it would be nice to have a few days without snow not to mention that we are running out of places to put it. On the other hand, seeings how it is cold, windy, and snowy with hazardous driving conditions, what a great reason to use this time to tangle – without guilt!  Great fun, wouldn’t you agree?

I encourage you to visit the Diva Challenge to see how others are answering this challenge. There is so much that we can learn from each other just by viewing the different interpretations.  Who knows, you may see an idea to create your own Valentine’s cards.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I would be delighted if you left me a comment and want to thank all who have left comments last week.

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