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What Is The Newest Official Tangle?

Zentangle founders, Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, introduce a new tangle as part of their CZT seminars.  The last two CZT  seminars were back to back so they shared the newest tangle, which was created by Maria’s daughter, Molly.  Molly was in Florida to run a marathon and saw an art installation at ING’s campus.  She took a photo and deconstructed the image to create the aptly named tangle  “ING.”

The tangle is graphic and has the potential for many variations, called tangleations.  The bigger challenge for me was deciding which tangles to put with it.  Now that I have done one tile with this tangle, I am eager to see how many ways I can use this tangle.   It is rather addictive and fun… And using the KOH-I-NOOR tricolored pencil was fun too.  Just by turning the pencil you get different colors and shadings.  And you don’t have to decide which color to use next – it is wonderfully spontaneous.

Here is my tile for the Diva Challenge #184: “New Official Tangle: ING by Molly.”

Tangles used: Puf, ING, Fugu

Tangles used: Puf, ING, Fugu Colored with a KOH-I-NOOR tricolored “Magic” pencil













I hope you will take the time to check out the other tiles on the “Diva Weekly Challenge.”  to see the various ways this versatile tangle has been used by other tanglers.

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Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT
Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT

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