The Diva’s 200th Weekly Challenge

This week’s Diva Challenge celebrates the fact that Laura Harms is offering her 200th Diva Challenge.  That is an enormous milestone.  Congratulations Laura!

To celebrate, Laura challenged us to use our Mac-n-cheese or Go-To tangle as a mono tangle and to put the number 200 somewhere on the tile.  Although my Mac-n-cheese tangle is Tripoli, I have other Go-To tangles that I often use in my tiles. N’Zepple, Fugu, and Paushalov are just a few.

Here is my tile for this week’s challenge. Please note that the color did not scan accurately.  It looks yellow, but it is more green than it looks here.

Tangle: Tripoli Color: Irojiten colored pencils

Tangle: Tripoli
Color: Irojiten colored pencils

I love the way the Tripoli triangles morph into something totally unexpected and that the pattern in the middle of the triangle forms this kaleidoscope-like image.

I added a second tile using Tripoli:


Tangle: Tripoli Color: Prisma Colored Pencils

Tangle: Tripoli
Color: Prisma Colored Pencils

Laura is hoping to have 200 people submit to the site.  If you have never published your tiles, this may be the week to do so and help Laura meet her personal challenge.

Thank you to Dorita for helping me to understand how to post to the Diva Challenge page.  For the last posting, after trying four times I just gave up.  But thanks to Dorita, I’m confident that I’ll be able to do it on the first try.

Whether you choose to submit your tile or not, I encourage you to look at what other’s are submitting by going to the Diva Challenge.

Thank you for visiting my blog.  I appreciated the efforts and emails from those of  you who tried to leave me a comment in the past and a thank you to those who were able to leave a comment.  There are still problems with this aspect of the blog, which I hope we can resolve in the near future.

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