An Unsolicited Review of the Book: Tips For Tangling

Tips for Tangling by Maureen Stott CZT

A Review by Rhonda Elliot Roy CZT

Do you remember your first lesson with a Certified Zentangle Teacher? Do you remember talking about breathing, appreciation, materials, and all those things that make Zentangle so special?

If you are looking for a way to recapture that calm, purposeful intent of  Zentangle and Zentangle Inspired Art, this book is just what you need.  Tips for Tangling has all that – and more.  It’s like having a CZT beside you reminding you of these little things, and showing you tips to get the most out of your tangling.

Instead of focusing on tangle patterns – the ‘what’ in Zentangle, this book helps you focus on the method itself – the ‘how’.  It is simply chock full of friendly tips, clear illustrations, and useful ideas to get the most out of your tangling time.

The book starts with “Before You Begin Tangling,” setting the scene, and then moves through the process of creating, touching on why we talk about turning our work for example, and suggesting ways of both being comfortable with what you’re doing and expanding to try different things. It’s complete with a Glossary of terms, an index of tangle patterns used, and a handy appendix of tools and resources.

I love the friendly tone of the book, like a gentle voice encouraging and reminding me to have fun!  As a CZT, this book has so many things I like to share with my students, many more that I wish I had thought to share – and will now – and new ways for me to think about my own Zentangle practice.

Tips for Tangling is an ideal resource book for any tangler’s library, from beginners to CZTs.  It’s available via Amazon, and likely other places as well.

Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT
Learn Zentangle in Vernon, CT

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