Two Weeks of Diva Challenges

This week’s challenge is the first of the month, which means it is a UMT challenge. (UMT stands for “Use My Tangle”)  From those submitted to her, Laura selects a tangle to be used on the tiles. This month’s UMT challenge features Mezzanine by Heidi Sue.

This is a new tangle for me and I had to draw it a few times in my sketchbook before using it on a tile. I decided to do it on a Bijou tile as a monotangle.

My tile for this week’s challenge:

Tangle: Mezzanine
Color: PrismasColor pencils

I was away last week and did not have access to a scanner so I am posting my tile for that challenge this week. Last week’s  challenge was to include tangles that use orbs. The first tangle I thought of was my tangle, Orb Pods. Then I had to decide which of the many tangles with orbs to put with it.  I, like Laura, love drawing orbs and will most likely do this challenge again in the future.  I used a 3″ tile for this challenge.

Here is my tile for last week’s challenge:

Tangles: Fugu, Orb Pods, and Molygon
Color: Primcolor pencils

Be sure to check out Laura’s blog to see how others have responded to this week’s challenge.  I hope that you find these tiles as inspiring and educational as I do.  I always learn something from those who post their tiles.  Thank you to all of you.  🙂

And thank you to all who viewed my new book, Tips for Tangling,  on Amazon. com  🙂  and a huge THANK YOU to those who purchased a copy.

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