UMT Challenge: All Boxed Up…

First, CONGRATULATION to Laura Harms (aka The Diva), for completing your 10K run!

For those new to the Diva Challenge, the first Monday of each month is the UMT Challenge.  UMT is Use My Tangle, where Laura chooses one tangle from those submitted.  This month the pattern is called, “All Boxed Up” by Alice Hendon, CZT.  Along with the step-outs, Alice shows variations of this tangle.

I really had to focus to do this tangle and had to practice it in my sketchbook before I committed it to a tile.  I found myself doing the pattern “up” when I meant to do it “down.”  (This will make more sense after you see the step-outs.) After I got the hang of it, I loved doing this tangle. After I shaded it, it reminded me of the tangle, Zuan Shi.  The step-outs are different, but the overall effect is similar. “All Boxed Up” definitely put me into my zone. Thanks to Alice Hendon and Laura for introducing me to this new tangle.

This is my tile for this week, where I decided use the purple and aqua color scheme from my second tile last week:

Tangles: All Boxed Up and Marasu Colored with PrismaColor Pencils

Tangles: All Boxed Up and Marasu
Colored with PrismaColor Pencils

Now that I finished my tile I am going to see how others have used this versatile tangle. And, I invite you to look at the submissions on the Diva Challenge blog. I hope you find these tiles as inspiring and educational as I do.

As always, I am so grateful to all who leave me comments and I try to leave a reply to all of them.  Your comments are a great source of encouragement and support.  To those who left comments last week, a huge THANK YOU!

Until next time,
Sending smiles,

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