For this week’s Diva Challenge we were asked to use one of the newest official tangles, Waybop.  This is an attention grabbing tangle. I haven’t figured out how to get it to blend in with other tangles, so for my first tile I just put it out there as a monotangle and aura around the insides of the shapes. I always show my first attempt, so here is…

My first tile

Tangles: Waybop and Tipple

For the second tile I decided to “decorate it” a bit more by adding color, adding flux to the inside spaces, and orbs on the inside of one shape and the outside of the other, and surrounding it with flux.

My second tile:

Tangles: Waybop, Flux, Tipple
Color: Prismacolor Pencils

It is a tangle that I will continue to play with to see what else is possible. 🙂

Be sure to check out Laura’s Diva blog  to see how others have responded to the challenge. I wait until I publish my tile to see what others have done so I won’t be influenced. I am anxious to see how others have blended Waybop with other tangles. I hope that you find these tiles as inspiring and educational as I do.

As always, I am grateful for all of your comments, which are a continuing source of encouragement and support.

There are times when I would like to leave a comment about someone’s tile but find that I am not able to do so because I don’t have any of the accounts required to respond.  Sorry!  I hope you know that I appreciate your tiles too!

Until next time,
Sending smiles,

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